Friday, July 15, 2016

More LifeWear!!

Hi! Pictured here is a LifeJacket I made using chiffonsilk scarves that I hand dyed. There's a strip from a vintage curtain, a bit of store-bought lace. The binding is vintage silk taffeta ($250)

 This LifeVest was made by me with all cotton fabric. he front sports patch pockets.($200)
 I made this LifeVest using a vintage curtain and a silk chiffon scarf that I hand-dyed ($200)
Remember that if you'd like to make your own LifeWear let me know!
I will teach you how in a 5 hour class for $60/person.  All you need is fabric and a sewing machine.
You could also have me make a piece of LifeWear specifically for you!
If you supply me with fabric the price is discounted.



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