Friday, August 29, 2014

New Quilted Mats Continued!

One more note for today!
I realized Ive been showing you the same mat over and over. Here's another handpainted design!

New Quilted Mats Continued!

Carol Larson suggested this scene using one of my 12x 16 quilted mats!
Thankyou for all your ideas! More to come!
I'll be thinking of more over the long weekend...

Thursday, August 28, 2014

New Quilted Mats Continued!

Continuing on from yesterday's post...pictured above is one of my 12"x16" quilted mats folded in three the stitched up one third to make a purse! Perfect for carrying your balls around! Great for storing papers too. Imagine this trifold wrapped in a ribbon!
Any more ideas? Stay tuned!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New Quilted Mats!

Pictured above is one of the new series of 12 by 16 inch mats Ive been working on this summer.Ive been using my hand-dyed fabric to make them!
Here is ONE USE for my washable-quilted mats. At the SAQA meet (which happened to be at THE NEST ARTS FACTORY where my studio is) I had a contest.
Members submitted their ideas on how to use my mats and the winner (Toni Torres) got to pick a mat of her choice to take home! Toni thought it would be a great idea to fold the mat and make it into a purse.
Many thought it a great idea to use a mat on their nightstand!
Stay tuned for more ideas!
By the way, each quilted mat costs $20.00 U.S. They are washable and have many uses. Do you have any suggestions?