Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Dayna made one!

Artist Dayna Wenzel made her very own LifeVest at my class yesterday!!!
She's going to wear it to her opening!!
Class is $60 for 4 hours. Thankyou.

Friday, July 15, 2016

More LifeWear!!

Hi! Pictured here is a LifeJacket I made using chiffonsilk scarves that I hand dyed. There's a strip from a vintage curtain, a bit of store-bought lace. The binding is vintage silk taffeta ($250)

 This LifeVest was made by me with all cotton fabric. he front sports patch pockets.($200)
 I made this LifeVest using a vintage curtain and a silk chiffon scarf that I hand-dyed ($200)
Remember that if you'd like to make your own LifeWear let me know!
I will teach you how in a 5 hour class for $60/person.  All you need is fabric and a sewing machine.
You could also have me make a piece of LifeWear specifically for you!
If you supply me with fabric the price is discounted.



Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Wearable Art! MOre LifeVests

 Hello! Pictured above is a Vest that I made for Nancy in Washington State. I used hand-dyed (by me) silk chiffon scarves. The white square that's not so clear is fabulous vintage lace! The bright edging that you see is silk taffeta.  Thankyou, Nancy!
This LifeVest has sleeves added on and is lined-yes, you can wear it either way round! I made the lining using vintage curtains. I sued the same meshy fabric for the outer shell and mixed in some silks and cottons. Yes, the sides are vented.